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Please enjoy this free PDF study guide that can help immerse yourself into a deeper understanding and relationship with our Savior. You will find 35 preselected names of Christ with 7 journal prompts to give direction of what you can study for each specific name as follows:

1. Write and study the scripture references and talks associated with this name.

2. What is the meaning of this name?

3. What characteristics and attributes are embodied by this name?4. What story in the scriptures does this name represent in His life?

5. How do I understand His divine earthly mission more with this name?6. How can I take upon me His name in my life?

7. Additional notes, resources, talks, songs that I want to further study about this name.


Bonus material included:

- 2 pages to record your testimony of Jesus Christ at the beginning and end of your study

- 7 blank prompt pages to write your own name of His that you would like to study

- 4 blank notes pages


Each Monday we will release which name we will be studying for the following week on our podcast-"Names of Christ Podcast". You can listen to it on your favorite podcast platform or watch slideshow presentations of it on our Youtube channel "Names of Christ Podcast."


We know that their is strength in numbers. The more we can get listeners to share their brief testimony or experience of that name of Christ that you have seen in your own life, the more we can spread the Light of Christ that is so needed in this ever darkening world we live in. Together, let's raise our voices and testimonies and become true discipes of Christ!*You will not receive a physical item, this is a digital PDF only that will be emailed to you to print off and share as many as you would like*

**This free PDF may not be sold to anyone.**

Names of Christ Study Guide



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